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Quebec Heavily Scouting S40 Class


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August 18th, 2014


With the Season 40 draft right around the corner. Quebec GM Frank Chadwick is preparing for what is expected to be a very strong draft class. "We want to draft character players who will be loyal to this franchise." He said in a statement. Already getting feelers out on players that interest the Meute. He has mostly gotten positive feedback from potential draftees. Quebec understands that without proper drafting and developing the successful longevity of the franchise would be in question. "I don't want to have to rebuild again, this has been painful." Quebec currently has no defensive prospects. "That's an issues we'll look to address whether that's through trade or the draft." Rumours are also swirling that Quebec has been heavily scouting Tyler Cote. A source within the organization said that no matter where the Meute pick with their 1st rounder they'll select Cote. But rumours are rumours and there is still weeks before GM's draft rankings will start coming together. 



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