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Here Comes Niklaus
Niklaus Mikaelson has decided that he wants to take up hockey. He hasn't played hockey at all during his life but has watched enough of it on the television to know what is going on. He has been quite frequently a secret person. He really hasn't let anyone know much about him and he has been trying to keep to himself. Many people have never even heard of him and when asked about him have responded, "Who is that?". Well that is something that he had hoped would happen all along. The reason for that is because by day he is a normal person, but by night he is a vampire. Little do people know about him being a vampire, is that he is a vicious one at that. He loves to feast on human blood and once he gets ahold of it, he can't stop.
See the reason why people don't really know about him being a vampire is that he has the ability to wipe people mind of his existence. It is something that all of his family members can do. Also he is very fast. He can travel a mile in a matter of seconds. That comes along with being a vampire. He isn't the type that actually turns into a bat at times. He is just your average vampire that lurks the streets at night, stalks his prey until he is ready to feed. He currently listed his age as 18, because that is how old he looks and he has been that age for centuries. He has killed many of different people over the years and has meet many famous people in his lifetime so far. His top five of favorite people he has met is, Napolean Bonaparte, The Beetles, former President Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Of course he has met them all at different times and things that happened with them are not to be brought up anymore. He has told stories of them before but of course he has had to wipe peoples memories of it.
Niklaus or Klaus for short, would like to get to know the game of hockey more. He has tried it first hand and while he may not be the best at it, he is willing to learn. Of course he has done many things over the course of his career. He has learned to play many instruments, picked up learning how to play football, tried his hand at acting and many other things unnamed. Hockey is a thing of mystery but with time and practice, he hopes to become a great athlete. Of course he has promised to not get angry and eat anyone whether it's on his team or the opposing team. He has to keep his night time life separate from his career. No one in the VHLM can know that he is a vampire. It could mean bad things for him and his career.
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Content: 3/3

Well, that was weird. Good read, although the strangest introduction I've seen yet. 


Grammar: 2/2


people = people's


Appearance: 1/1

Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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