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If you dream hard enough you might just end up with a line this beautiful. Thankfully I did, and the Dan Dan meta came to fruition.

Couldn't do it without you fellas. Let's keep it going @GreenGato @MMFLEX :la:🚀

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Review: This is great! I love the background, looks so beautiful and it just really makes this piece seem more majestic. Logo swaps were pretty okay and the players are balanced well in terms of where they are (composition). I personally think the cuts were serviceable, may have helped to have higher resolution pictures of players. The jerseys and the manipulation of the saturation in order for it to match the Los Angeles Stars colours is a bit meh for me, the left two look too purplish-grey to match the Stars logo. The right one looks great in terms of colours. I thought the entire colour scheme as a whole was excellent and definitely interesting; space vibes all around. Last piece of feedback would be the text looks great for the first two but having the third one be that comparatively small really distracts me. Pretty neat, 7/10!

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