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Dream Team from Lose


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The trade deadline has come and that means theme week is here as well. The VHL has a lot of great players playing in it. I’d say building a dream team isn’t easy at all. These are my picks for a dream team though. It has a great mix of players that I think would do very well in the VHL. These players that I’ve picked are the people I would trust to be my first line in any league. A great balance of offense and defense and have a great goalie in the back. Most of the players are from the Season 75 draft which is a great way of saying we are the best draft class.


LW - Brendan Telker - @Telkster


The Season 79 Kevin Brooks trophy winner would be an amazing start to the team. Having a sniper on the left wing would bring a threat to any team. A solid power play player too, Telker would be great in any situation. Multiple 100+ seasons to go along with an already solid resume. Telker would be the perfect left-wing for this line.


C - Pistil Stamen - @DMaximus


Bringing the #1 pick in the Season 75 draft here for the center position. Stamen has been a loyal player to the Los Angeles Stars and it shows. Consistent performance for the Stars has kept him as their top player. Being a solid center is also very helpful. 89 faceoff rating would be a great way to win those key faceoffs and Stamen’s pass-first mentality would give the snipers on the team a great way to pile up some goals and be an offensive threat to anyone.


RW - Justin Lose - @youloser1337


This is obvious. I was going to choose myself for this role. Season 81 was the season that really showcased Lose’s talent. Posting up 72 goals and 70 assists for 142 points was an outstanding season for Lose. Coming up from the Reapers and Kings in the VHLM to being drafted by the Riga Reign, Lose had an interesting career. Dominating in the VHLM, he was brought up to the main squad in the VHL and did a decent point total in his rookie season. The young Riga squad was hungry for playoff action and in 4 games Lose only got 3 assists. Over his career, he only made the playoffs 2 more times. 1 with Riga and 1 with Seattle. In those 11 games, he has 15 points, 7 goals, and 8 assists. If Lose had the perfect companions, he would be unstoppable in the regular season and the playoffs.


D - Linus Zetterstrom - @Ledge


Being drafted right after Lose (humble brag), Zetterstrom is a loyal player. In the VHLM he stayed with the Aces and when he was drafted to Riga, he found his permanent home. This season would be his 7th and final season with Riga before retirement. Although Zetterstrom hasn’t had a positive +/- season, this line would absolutely help him dominate the league by being that offensive threat instead of being a shutdown defender. Zetterstrom just needs to find that perfect pairing to really let his talents shine. This is why I brought in:


D - Zeedayno Chara @Jubis


Rounding out the defensive core, Chara would be a great player to be that shutdown defender while also getting the puck on the net. Chara has a great career with over 879 shotblocks in only 412 games. Also bringing the physical game to the line with over 1147 hits in his career. He seems to only be getting better every season so far. This would be an amazing pick to bring that young defender to stop everything.


G - Rara Rasputin - @Victor


Bringing in a cup winner to round out the team is the best play here. Rasputin has been a journeyman in the league, playing with the Menace, Bears, and the Stars. In Season 77 he has a dominant playoff run going 11-1-2 with a .928 save%. He has been a solid goalie in the league ever since he joined the VHL squad in Season 75. A consistent goalie is a bow on an already dominating offense/defense squad in front of him.


And there is my VHL Dream Team. A great mix of players and veterans too. This line would dominate the VHL by being both defensive and offensive with a wall in the back. Some of the players might not have the greatest playoff record, the mix of players will bring leadership when it matters the most. Having 2 cup winners on the team, Telker and Rasputin would make it easy to do a deep playoff run with confidence. My prediction on what the points total would be for each player:


Brendan Telker - 110 points - A pure sniper that will shoot first before passing. I see Telker being the star of this line. Having Stamen and Lose to receive the puck from, Telker will have no issue finding the back of the net.

Pistil Stamen - 113 points - Having two snipers on the team would definitely help Stamen with his point total. Having Telker and Lose on his wings, Stamen would be able to showcase his playmaking abilities and dazzle the league.


Justin Lose - 99 points - With Telker on the team, this leaves Lose as the second sniper / two-way player of the line. This would bring a balance point total as he would be able to assist Telker and showcase his abilities too. I think he would be the weakest of the line though. 


Linus Zetterstrom - 115 points - Yup, I think that these defenders would be able to really pass the puck and get a solid amount of points. Zetterstrom would have all the tools to be that offensive threat compared to his pair partner.


Zeedayno Chara - 100 points Chara would be that shutdown defender but also be able to pinch and step up when needed to get the puck in the net. Zetterstrom backing him up would be a great way to gain confidence and join in rushes or do offensive maneuvers.


Brendan Telker - Pistil Stamen - Justin Lose

Linus Zetterstrom - Zeedayno Chara

Rara Rasputin


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