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Vat's Dream team


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For this seasons theme week we have to write about our dream team.  I will go over why I chose out this team member for member, so here is my list:


GM - Kristof Welch ( @Juice)


( @rory)  ( @Daniel Janser)

Jeffrey Pines - Daniel Janser - Gustislav Nasherov


            ( @Spartan)     ( @Juice)

              Alex Letang   -   Kristof Welch   


                  ( @hedgehog337)

                   Sirkants Klamasteris   


General manager - Kristof Welch


The reason I chose Kristoff Welch as the general manager is simple, skill.  With Gustislav Nasherov having Welch as his first ever AGM he got flabbergasted by how he was only an AGM.  His skills were unforgettable, and with his trusty GM Hylands they were simply tacticians greater than Napoleon himself.  Having such a manager on this team will take them to heights they've never felt before.  The tactical plays will be immaculate and with the squad he posses there is no team with any sort of chance against him, this means that we are going to go to the finals at least every single year.


Left Wing - Jeffrey Pines


There is no need to explain on what Pines has done in his career.  He is an icon to the whole VHL community and when you think of people you want on your team Pine pops up instantly.  With the legacy behind him opponents will have to think twice before they try to defend him.  There needs to be a whole strategy to stop him, and if there isn't then the chances of the puck not going into the goal and the buzzer sounding is close to zero.  With such personality and skillfull playstyle he will contribute with offense and the intimidation of opponents making them fear of what to come when he has the puck.  Being on this team and this line he will put up 100+ points with ease, if he really would try to score as many as possible in a season he could be very close to the 200 point mark and beat records old and young in true Jeffrey Pines style.


Center - Daniel Janser


Janser is still only in his first season in the VHL but is showing true all star traits.  There is absolutely nothing that can stop the Swiss born train from grabbing the puck and making sure no one is playing with no manners.  in the VHLE he put up 184 hits in a mere 52 games.  Thats an average of 3,5 hits per game.  With such a hard working player on the team no one will try to mess with anyone on there, and if they did then they will understand to never EVER do it again.  He will contribute with leadership to the team and making sure no opponent gets too rough and putting them into place.  And with time when Janser 


Right Wing - Gustislav Nasherov


Gustislav Nasherov is a force to be reckonned with.  It's the same as with Jeffrey Pines.  Do not leave him alone, you need to stop him immediately.  And then you have Pines on the same line with him, thats when the oppositions defense starts ti crumble.  Having to defend both Jeffrey Pines and Gustislav Nasherov at the same time is as hard as having to defend Gretzky and Lemieux at the same time, it's not possible.  WIth these two players linking up it will be hard to stop their clap clap boom attacks thats makes the sport of hockey look like a kids game.  WIth the addition of Danioel Janser too no one will have the guts to even play the slightest rough with them, because if they do then they will feel the Swiss wrath.  


Left Defense - Alex Letang


The Canadian defense monster is not a player you can take lightly, also being a very physical defender as Janser he is even more physical.  In only 2 seasons he amassed a total of 597 hits.  Thats also about 3,5 hits a game.  In a season thats 72 games long.  Not only are those stats insane but in one of those two seasons he managed to score 119 points.  Having a defender that can play on the physical side and also score points is a player everyone wants on their team.  Especially me.  Now imagine both Letang and Janser putting fear into every opponent.  WIth both of them on the ice not even the opponents entire team would want to lay a finger on them or their teammates.


Right Defense -  Kristof Welch


Kristof Welch is Gustislav Nasherov's best friend.  With the link up between those will be immaculate.  The chemistry alone will make the points fall in like a waterfall, and no one can stop them.  They are truly the ultimate duo of this team and with Welch's leadership abilites (and high tpe count) the opposition will have no chance, wether they are playing defense or offense.  No matter they are they have no chance.  And with the others in the team no one will stand a chance to stop the dream team.  No one.  With the routine of Welch and Letang there are basically zero people that can stop such defensive beasts on 1v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4v2 even 5v2.  They are simple unstoppable beings made to make the goalers job as easy as it could get.


Goaltender (goaler) - Sirkants klamasteris


People say that the goalie is the most important position in hockey and to have a succseful team you need to start from the back with an amazing goalie.  And so I chose the Calgary goalie Klamasteris.  WIth an average save percentage of 0.920 and 3 Goals allowed per game average throughout 9 (!!!) seasons he will shut down the leagues best attackers.  Under the very rare circumstances that both Welch and Letang aren't home on defense there is no need to worry.  Because the shooter has no chance against the Latvian beast.  He almost wants for it too happen so he can get to play some exciting hockey because in 5v5 on defense the shots thats most regular goalers would let in are not more than routine stops for him.  


That's my dream team that would go 72-0 in a vhl seasons and sweep the playoffs.



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