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This is actually lowkey super underrated. Really nice selection of players, and all around positioning of the photos and text. What I'm surprised most by is how consistent the exposure, contrast, and coloring is across all of the player photos. The choice of having all dark jerseys was a smart one, as anyone in an away jersey would stand out way more than the others. Simple and clean, but sometimes clean involves more thought than a more complex gfx


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Review: Starting off I am bias as I really like your graphics all the time so where can I find something that I don`t like about a graphic that as soon as I clicked I knew I was going to like; hum? Maybe the fact that all the players have dirt on their faces and only one doesn`t seem to be making a face at all. Okay, more serious is this for the Dream team tasks? If so I would like to see a bit more suggesting that this is your dream team made from your players. Either way it was great to see the layout and the players done as such a way that they blend together in nice contrast. Okay, No more waffling!! Overall: 9/10

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