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VHL Thug Dream Team


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My VHL Thug Dream Team


Since I already outlined some of the meanest, toughest SOBs in one VHL era here, I wanted to revisit this idea with my VHL Thug Dream Team. A few notes on my criteria: Obviously I wanted the biggest and baddest who have ever laced up skates in the VHL but also I wanted some "rink cred" - either some glory, some fear factor, or even a badass name - something else besides just stats. So, enjoy and debate if you will. Due to time constraints, I went with a single lineup of 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and a goalie.



Da’Brickashaw O’Neal (S10-S14)
One of the original thugs in the VHL O'Neal spent his career terrorizing the opposition to the tune of the highest PIM/game average of anyone in the VHL with 3.75 and the top two single season PIM totals - records that still stand today. He is still 11th all-time with 1353 PIM. Along with being one of the toughest SOB's to ever skate in the league O'Neill also has the thug cred of winning two Cups with Davos and having one of the coolest names ever in the league.


Peter Payne (S8-S15)
How can we not go with the league's career leader in penalty minutes with 1858? Even before O'Neal, Peter brought the pain every night to the rink but he did garner a slice of the limelight winning two consecutive Boulet Trophies and one Continental Cup. He also had 1761 hits which was the VHL record when he retired although the total was eclipsed by a few of the next generation of players.


Motherfucker Sharpe (S54-S60)
Would you really want to line up against a dude with this name? His career of pugilism is scary to say the least. In S57, he recorded the 7th highest hits in a season with 421. He fought 44 times over his seven-year career and only lost twice! His 2108 hits and 1195 PIM are 22nd and 24th all-time respectively. While glory in the big league was just out of his grasp, missing out on the S56 Continental Cup, he did win two Founder's Cup early in his career during his time in the VHLM.



Randy Marsh (S72-S78) @oilmandan
Marsh was one of those guys you loved to hate. You loved having him on your team and he was a great guy off the ice but you hated playing against him. During his career, he was usually in the Top-10 for hits, PIM, and fights and led the league in each of those categories multiple times. In only seven seasons, he racked up the 6th-most career penalty minutes in league history and 1702 hits as well. He was a member of the Bears' S73 Cup-winning team and won the Wylde Trophy in his final season.


Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunnette (S60-S66) @FacePuncher
LPLL was a terror on skates. He was routinely among the leaders in PIM and in fact holds two of the top 25 single-season totals in VHL history. Fighting 44 times in his career definitely helped him earn those totals and he would finish his career with 1566 PIM still the 4th highest in league history. He would also dish out over 1800 hits and win consecutive Cups with Toronto in S64-S65.




Claudio Martucci (S24-S28)
Besides being the only goalie in VHL history with two seasons of 30 or more PIM, his name instantly suggests "mafia connections", doesn't it? His career, while short, was memorable. He sits just inside the Top-30 for career GAA (2.29) and SV% (0.921) and his record of 138-71-13 is solid. His claim to fame, though, is winning the Howe Trophy as playoff MVP, leading Helsinki to the S27 Continental Cup as a starter after backing up Daisuke Kanou in Davis's S24 Cup win. 


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