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Gotta love Raptors

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Alright so negative points right off the bat for the "player" being a velociraptor, totally not realistic at all. The gloves don't match the jersey and the jersey don't match the socks which is just a poor graphic base picture choice. There's also no logo for this player so I have no idea who they play for, like a team would even pick up a velociraptor anyways. The effects around the player looks really cool and would look really good on an actual player graphic instead of a stupid dinosaur. The black background is kinda hard to notice since it seems like it's just a dark setting but the effects on the player give it a fade vibe I think and then the text color is bold but not enough to take away from the friction dinosaur next to it. overall 0/10


I'm joking about the review, 9/10 great work but it's kinda like how art teachers don't like empty space


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