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I like what you have going on here.  The simplicity of the graphic is very effective.  The inclusion of the two trophies is also quite informative.  The use of a "cameo" for the player is also effective and relatively unique.  I would also like to commend you on an excellent logo swap.  Your color scheme is pleasing to the eye as there are no clashes.  Everything blends well togather.  I might suggest making the text pop a little more as it seems to get lost on the left hand side.

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Surprise surprise, the review king is back! First off all, I would like to say that this concept is pretty new for you. At least, I have not seen any similar sigs. So it is always nice to see something new, especially from you. Logo swap is almost great, it is just a bit dirty but that is not a big deal. I like font and the idea of using the photos of all awards which Sova has won. Overall, good sig mate 8/10

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A nice bit of creativity going on here which is great to see. The jersey swap is awesome and of course you have Byfield which is Sova's model player. I like the idea of showing the awards and love the three dimensional look. The text looks pretty blurred like its a JPEG or something, and I think there could have been a bit more detail added (lighting, text effects?) to make the lower half of the sig pop out a bit more.



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