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Claimed:Kyrie's Opinion about NA VHLM Teams


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               Kyrie's Opinion about NA VHLM Teams




       There are many teams in the VHLM, but not many will need the talents of Kyrie Knight. Recently in a press conference, Kyrie and his agent decided to release their opinion on all of the teams, giving decent explanations on why Kyrie would make a solid addition or why he would not like to go to the team. He is not all too picky, but would like to play for a team where he will be recognized as a solid contributer and possible powerplay defenceman while eating up some valuable minutes.

Brampton Blades
This team has a strong set of players, especially on their defensive core. Tzisling and Broadus form a top defensive pairing but they are also backed by the Backenbauer brothers, both are primed to play strong minutes for the team.  Zadorov is another highly anticipated prospect that will log high end minutes for the team. It is a great place, in North America but has very little room for a developing player like Kyrie Knight.
"I like the culture and organization of the team but there is no room for me and I don't think I will make a good fit."

Minot Gladiators
Minot is filled with veterans and has a power house roster when it comes to their entire team. A solid goaltender, great defensive core made up of VHLM veterans and offensive talent up front. Kyrie would be put on the second pairing and forced to play third string when compared to the other players on the blue line.
"It's in the states, that's nice but if there's no room for me, then I can't really play y'know."

Ottawa Lynx
This is a team Kyrie has been hyped about for a few days, They have a decent blue line, but are lead by one of the best defencemen in the VHLM, Connor Low. Knight would see some good time on a great team that looks primed to make a solid run at the championship. If he were to be claimed by this team, he definetly would not mind.
"I only have good things to say about when it comes to Ottawa, great city and great culture. I like their management and team, so hopefully they can pick me up. Hahahah. "



Saskatoon Wild
Have one of the best prospects in the upcoming 36 Draft, Phil Villeneuve. Kyrie would have to play second fiddle to him, but they also have other defencemen that can definetly fill the void. A team that has a long history and solid foundation, but also has a small space for Kyrie Knight to slot in. Kyrie is not as developed as most of their core, but he can learn a lot.
"I wouldn't be upset with this team, have a good player in Phil so I hope they get along well. He's a little bit of everything y'know but like I said, it could make a decent fit for me."

Yukon Rush
A little thin on their blue line, they could definetly use a defenceman like Kyrie Knight to solidify their roster. Herman Mudgett is a prospect on their roster that will most likely eat up most of the minutes, another all around defenceman but with less talent than Phil. Knight could definetly slot in as the second best player in their defensive core, but he isn't all too sure about the team.
"It's not exactly because I don't think they will make the playoffs, but I don't see myself playing all the way up north in the Yukon. Any team in the North American conference is fine with me, but i'm not too high on the Rush right now."


(Sorry, not too good at English)

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Content: 3/3 - Good idea for this article by running through the North American teams, assessing who would be a good fit for your player. Nice little bits on every team and one didn't seem lacking compared to the other, which was good. Keep up the good work and you'll be a great player in the VHLM!


Grammar: 2/2 - I laughed when you said you weren't too good at English because it was better than some articles I've seen. Some awkward sentences but it was perfect!


Appearance: 1/1 - Yes, good work!




FINAL: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - This sort of article is new to me. Good read, giving a breakdown on each NA team while talking about where you'd fit in best. Keep up the good work.


Grammar: 2/2 - Not so good at English? You put the stereotypical high-school student in the dumps twenty times and then dunk him/her for good measure.


Appearance: 1/1 - No complaints.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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