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Claimed:The Dream Begins in Minot [6/6 FINAL]


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The Dream begins in Minot


Atticus Finch takes off his earphones, stretches his legs, and looks around. After a 5 hour flight from Massachusetts, he had finally touched down in Minot, North Dakota. "So this is Minot" he thought to himself, taking in his surroundings as he got off the plane. "This is where I'll be living for awhile". Atticus Finch had just 2 days ago been signed by the Gladiators of Minot, and left the state he had been living in for the last 6 years of his life. It was jarring, this sudden change in his life. He had always been told he'd be playing in the minors someday, just one short step from the big leagues. But once you're there, seeing the skyline, being thrown right into the midst of a tight playoff race, the reality of the situation really hits you.




He collected his bags, and caught a taxi down to his new apartment in downtown Minot. It was interesting, looking around at his new home for the first time. It was a dreary little city, Minot, and it seemed almost kind of sad. He made a mental note not to let it get to him. It's not like he would have time to think about the scenery once he officially joined the team anyway. The life of a hockey player is a fast one, he knew, and in his journey to becoming one of the greats, he would have stops in many little dreary sad sack towns like this one. It was actually good that this place wasn't interesting, because now he knew there would be no distractions as he threw his whole being into training and becoming a better hockey player. As the car neared the destination, much like he was nearing his own destination of the VHL, he realized then and there why fate had sent him to Minot. The only thing he had been missing thus far was 100% focus on hockey.




He sat at the window, thinking about the past, the present, and the future. In a few short hours, he would be shuttled down to the Arena for his announcement and press conference. But right now he was content to sit in his recliner, down a jack and coke, and think. Ever since he had first donned the pads at the age of 12, his entire life had been hockey. He had been the best player on his team in grade school, prep school, and even perhaps his college team. But now, each one of his teammates, and each one of his opponets, were the best players on their respective teams. He would have to fight for his respect now, he couldn't thrive on reputation alone. He knew he had the talent, but the question was, could he compete? Would he be able to show this league that he could be one of the greatest players of all time? Only time would tell, but for right now, the dream begins in Minot.

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Content: 3/3

Nice first article! Good introduction to the life and career of Atticus Finch. Quite an interesting choice in names, by the way. As Victor said (which I see you did), a title and at least one picture can never hurt your articles.


Grammar: 2/2

Actually didn't see a thing. Great job!


Appearance: 1/1

Good, maybe centre your picture/title next time.


Overall: 6/6

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