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The Case for Lennox Moher


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The Case for Lennox Moher



Lennox Moher is entering into the twilight of his career and he will take the ice for the final time in the regular season later this week as part of the Quebec City Meute.  Since getting traded to the Meute, Moher has continued to be the best goaltender in the VHL with a cumulative 93.8 SV% and a 1.81 GAA since getting traded to the Meute.


Moher has been a big addition for Quebec and has a save percentage that is far in excess of any other goalie this year. Just because a goalie has been a part of a bad team for the majority of the year should not discount him from the Goalie of the Year discussion, because his stats back him up BIG TIME.


Moher has never won the goalie of the year award in the past and has only warranted serious discussion in one or two seasons.  This year, the award should be his.



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