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Fuck Piracy!


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It turns out that the folks at EA Sports are no fools. After reports of a record number of copies of NHL 15 (which includes the VHL as a selectable league) being pirated, they decided to install a nasty surprise to those who planned to do the same thing for NHL 16. Anyone who obtains a pirated copy of NHL 16 will open the game as usual and all of the menus will retain the same aesthetic.


However, once they get onto the ice, they will find that there is quite a big difference in the gameplay, as they will find themselves sharing the ice with not just their opponents, but also an invincible, super-speed version of Edwin Encarnacion. Even if the Dominican shouldn’t be on the opposing team, or is in fact on your own team, whichever one of your players has the puck will immediately be checked and forced into a fight with Encarnacion. As this happens every time your player gets the puck, games don’t just become unwinnable messes, they take FOREVER to finish with all the stoppages. As Be a Pro mode might not necessarily see you set foot on the ice, EA Sports decided to give pirates more of an Edwin Encarnacion Simulator, as you will instead find yourself in the penalty box for the entire game. 

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