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I love podcasts that are made in the VHL and while they go through cycles of lot of people doing them to right now we are in a no podcast kinda of low.  We've only had one for the new site since we've switched and it took forever to get a grade.  We haven't really had any of the shorter 2 point variety either.

We have the VHL Mag which I love as an organization and after 163 articles it is still going strong.  We also tried the VHLM Mag which expands the league interest to the minors and also supports more people having a job in the league.  The truth is though that the year is almost 2014 and print in general is a dying art.


I think it would be rather awesome if we tried to set up an actual podcast in the same form of the VHL Mag.  It wouldn't require a whole lot of work from any one individual since everyone would be submitting shorter 10min ish segments.  I love when someone puts out a great podcast say Devise and Jericho via 90 minutes about a ton of stuff.  However no matter who does a podcast there always is that tons of filler time, eventual segment talking about their team, and their players.


The delivery of current podcasts are also usually through some random upload web-site which if done incorrectly you have to download onto your computer.  The others that let you stream online aren't even compatible with many smart phones for one reason or another.  If we had a bunch of people submitting shorter 10 min clips with specific content I think the quality would be better AND we could submit it to an actual podcast location such as iTunes.  It would allow our members to subscribe to the podcast and listen to it whenever they want wherever they want.


Basically I think if we had a group of 6ish people willing to give 10 min of a podcast every week on specific content we could list in a content table when exactly each segment starts and provide high quality audio content weekly related to the league that would be available to everyone.


We could in advertently get found on podcasts by people searching for stuff about "hockey" and have one main editor who just splices the clips together and does the uploading who maybe did minor recording himself acting like an anchor with an intro then 30 sec filler clips sending the show to the next segment.


It might be more attractive to other VHL members who don't want to record longer podcasts but who have done podcasts in the past Jardy, Higgins, Kendrick, The Knights, Kyle, I did a few before, and other new members who I'm forgetting have done them on and off.

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