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Claimed:Zach Gagnon an Anti-Semite?[Final 6/6]


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Is Zach Gagnon an Anti-Semite?




Since joining the Ottawa Lynx twelve games ago, Ariel Weinstein has only seen the ice three times. Now you may think that poor play has led to his benching, but with a 2-0-1 record and an impressive .935 save percentage and 1.30 goals against average, many have begun to wonder why Weinstein has been regulated to back-up duty. 




One thing that came to mind the other day while pondering the surprising move, which was that Lynx general manager Zach Gagnon, must be an Anti-Semite. There are really no facts to back up this accusations, but with Weinstein putting up such sterling numbers in his first three starts in a Lynx jersey, that’s seems to be the only other logical reason left. The relationship with the Lynx started off a rosy one for both sides. Weinstein was looking to follow in his father’s footsteps in the VHL, while the Lynx were looking for a goalie that would regularly show up for practice. Gagnon even got ahold of the agency that represents Weinstein to tell them of the intent to put up the goaltender well before the waiver deadline had passed. Nothing but good things were said about Ottawa to Weinstein from the agency’s last player Connor Low, who experienced the highest of highs with the Lynx bringing home a Founder’s Cup in Season Thirty-Five.  




Another reason and the most likely for the reason that Weinstein has been regulated to door duties, is the fact the Lynx claimed a world class goalie from a world class player agency. Just a few days after signing Weinstein for the rest of the season and playoffs, Ottawa picked up the older of the Clegane brothers, Greg Clegane. Clegane comes from the same agency that gave us Vase Trikamaki, Lars Berger, Alexander Chershenko, and Matt Bentley. With a track record like that no one can argue the fact that Clegane is seeing more ice-time for the Lynx then Weinstein at the current moment. Clegane has also put up decent numbers in his first nine games in the VHLM, posting a 7-2 record with a .864 save percentage, and 2.51 goals against average.  The goaltending isn’t the only thing that has been a shining light for the team the past few weeks, with the offense seemingly coming to life since the pick-up of the two goalies. Benjamin Zeptenbergs and Thomas Duddy have jumped into the top ten in scoring with strong performances recently. Zeptenbergs leads the Lynx in goals with fifty-six with Duddy right behind him with fifty-four. With a great top six now with the waiver pick-ups of Aleksi Koponen and Max Molholt, the offense is becoming a force to be reckoned with.





The Lynx have a tall task ahead of them is they wish to make it to the Founder Cup finals this season, but with the offense coming together at the right time and two active goalies patrolling the blue paint, anything could happen this season in the North American conference come playoff time. The Brampton Blades might just want to take notice.



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