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Claimed:der podcast 35 [Final 6/6]

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Context: 3/3


I should really check out your book.


Damn coat tags. I hate when that happens.


Seattle Bears. Unfortunate situation for them regarding Bushito. They have some good members over there on that team.


I hope Cologne doesn't blow through everyone like you say. I want to win a cup before retirement and I don't see it happening next season.


Nerd girl....from G4....do you remember what show she was on? Was it Attack of the Show, X-Play, CHEAT? Morgan Webb was on X-Play. Layla Kayleigh was on The Feed from Attack of the Show, not a huge part though. Hard to think of those girls at the moment, as it's been awhile.


Perfect night out is a night in. Sounds like me a lot of the time. :lol:

Professionalism: 2/2



Editing: 1/1


The sound seems decent this time around. I feel like it's probably the wind or road bumpiness that's impacting it?

Overall: 6/6

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