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I Talk About The Seattle Bears GM Job For One Hour


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About 1/3 of the way through. 


I still think it's ridiculous that they overwrote a rule to force me back - Strauss was going back regardless, he had already signed his deal from Trifecta. They forced me to Seattle where I then just got told repeatedly I was the worst player in league history and had a worthless build by Bushito. 


They overwrote a rule to force a player who didn't want to be there, making him go to a team that didn't even want him there either. They set a precedent for just voiding rules when they feel like it, all for something that no one wanted. 


It turned out okay I guess (mostly because Bushito left and Phil joined), but I lost out on that chance at a cup win with Cologne. 




Also, to be fair to Bushito, he didn't "not" suggest PMing - the person who asked what they could do specifically asked what they could do outside of spamming the commissioners - so he responded with a way that wouldn't be doing that, IE. Fan 590. 


I'm actually surprised at how well Bushito DID handle the LR situation. He was never demanding support, he was thankful and he never suggested some mass exile. The support was there regardless, but I don't think he instigated any of it.




The Bushito comment about "maybe losing me, probably not" drove me crazy. You talked about the GMs passing on me, but to me that is irrelevant. The relevant point is that there is 100%, factual proof that I agreed to a contract with another team. They threw a rule under the rug to force me back. There is no maybe or probably here, I literally signed a contract with another team, that is 100% losing me. 




Your realization of how much time you had spent on it was the best part :D

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