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Claimed:DT Cast Episode Episode #3 [Final 6/6]

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Context: 3/3

The Bushito firing. I was pretty supportive of keeping him on as well. Too bad he just disappeared.

Seattle has definitely been impressing. Swept Toronto and took out Quebec in 5. Congrats to the Bears squad.
There's a lot of trash talk between the 2 teams but it's alright. Still a little upset that our lines and strategies didn't get in like they should have, but I can't be bitter about it.

I wouldn't mind Seattle beating Cologne. It really doesn't matter much to me though, but you deserve a cup as well as Phil. Probably other guys in your LR that do as well.


Very solid podcast as usual.

Professionalism: 2/2
Sure it did.

Editing: 1/1

Overall: 6/6


Here's your grade you impatient fuck.

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