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Official S43 Roster


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Team Mercenaries Roster



Center - Tim TebowGow

LW - Marcus Hurley 

RW - Shadu Rathod Jr.

LW - Tyrone Williams


Center - Bronson Faux




D - Jacob Akermon

D - Patick Demko

D - Kyanon

D - Marquis Hyvarinen



Callum Sinclair

Blake Cambell 

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Drop some of the inactives and bring Kyanon onto the blueline or wing!

Just a heads up (and incase Milldaddy reads this) that people listed as defenseman won't be allowed to play as a forward and vice versa.


Considering Jakub Linholm is the equivalent of a 190 TPE player now with regression though, that restriction shouldn't be an issue

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  • Head Moderator

Lindholm for Kyanon :)

Name: Biggu Kyanon

Page: http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/20484-s45-d-biggu-kyanon-tpe-126/

Position: D (But I have the skillset to be a forward too)

Currently at ~ 130 TPE, will likely have 150 by the time this rolls around.

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