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like dis post for a tbh #3


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Hai eweryone, my name is mawnk n welcum to so u tink u can dance 




First up is: 


9teaforegoalie: He's a good teammate, good guy. Very driven and team-oriented! Was fun being your teammate you SHL scum. but y u nawt a goalie u fokin liar


birdboy69: pass, he's a fgt, be more like ur brudder u twatsicle


Dabifecta: see ceiling for answers


flyersfan1493: You're the best! Thanks so much for being my VHLM GM and helping me be active again. I'm gladwe are such good friends, Gym! 



Graper: pls dnt grape me m8.. but you seem like a nice kittykat with the wrong intentions, keep walking that fine line n it'll get u milked m8 


Higgins: tf y so many commies.. higglypuff u r a gd soul but i tink its time i gawe da reins to me, ill be da new puff eweryone can inhale 


BluesBoy71: who tf r u n y r u u. y u no post moar pls respond my love 


fesler: aahh fesler.. or fat kesler, or fgt, or da guy who easily gets mad.. u shud step down as GM of Frank and give it to dollar, he's a good boy. pls start bein moar doormat, its sad seeing u always being slappass'd around, i like u kiddo. 


Caillean: ahh my waiffe, ily. ur a funny gal and dont ewer change, except to take ur clothes off 



thx i was lazi with dis 1 i sry pls 

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