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Claimed:How did it go? And the upcoming draft. [Final 6/6]


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How did it go?




Simon Valmount's season was full of hard, tough and happy moments. After Bratislava Watchmen's great regular season, Valmount was excited about the playoffs, and the playoffs didn't go as everyone was hoping for.. No finals, no glory. But the season was still good. You can't say that it was bad. Personally, I'm disappointed. Why? I wanted more, but you can't always get what you want. It depends on your point of view, how Bratislava's season went. About that silent Finnish guy... his season didn't go as planned. Not good enough.


Though, the playoffs he showed some improvement. Valmount played full season with awesome linemates, Edwin Reencarnacion and Benjamin Dupont (Dupont didn't play full season in Bratislava, but I round it up to full season). With such a high-level linemates, Valmount should have done little better, maybe 60 points could have been expected?


Season in numbers:

Regular Season: Only 29 assists and surprising high amount of goals scored, 19 goals. Total of 48 points. Some positives: Valmount did decent defensively. 105 checks, which is lower than expected, and his +/- was +35. Though he plays very aggressively, Valmount doesn't take many penalties, 28 PIM.

Playoffs: In the beginning of the season 43 playoffs Valmount "exploded" offensively, but when the Bratislava Watchmen got further into the playoffs, he started to slow down. In 10 games, 3 goals and 6 assists. And defensively he did well like in the regular season. 

Through the whole season Valmount has logged huge minutes per game. 


"My season didn't go as I expected it to go and at the same time, it did go as I expected. In my opinion, my season was kind of a "rollercoaster", you know? I trained very hard all the time, I gave my best in games and at practice. Actually, my shooting skills are much better, like my whole overall play. Thinking about next season, I have to get my play to the "next level". At the moment, I have my eyes set on the draft, and I'm peeking to the next season." Valmount said.




Exciting offseason ahead...!


The Draft

"I'm a top 5 pick for sure, at least I hope so. There are few general managers and one specific GM who has shown special interest. And I'm glad that almost every GM has noticed me (Kendrick's Entry Draft Rankings). 

Which team would I like to join? The answer is Helsinki Titans. Though there many other teams, like Calgary, which I'm interested to join. Of course I want to play in any team in VHL, and I'd be happy, except one (read further).

Now, I want to say it publicly... If I ever end up in Stockholm, I want to get traded instantly or something else... because I don't want to play there. This isn't about GM or players in Stockholm's team. I just don't like Sweden and something bad happened to me last when I was in Stockholm. But that is a story I won't tell now, saving it for later..."

Valmount told this to a reporter earlier.


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Content: 3/3- Great article you are going to have a great season next year! Keep up the hard work and all will pay off!


Grammar: 2/2- only one that stood out to me. 


Reencarnacion -----> Reincarnation 


Appearance: 1/1- Good Job. 


Final 6/6

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