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VHL This Week (6.22.15) - Bear With Me


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VHL This Week

| S43 Post Season - Cup Edition |


I apologize in advance for any blatant bias and over-excitability in the following article - because the Seattle Bears won the Cup! Woo! 
The VHL is adding a new attribute for skaters and goalies to both be able to upgrade for the future, penalty shot! Check out the announcement here.


S43 Experience Points are calculated here.


The Off-Season schedule has been posted here.


World Cup festivities can be found here.

Team Talk


The VHL Finals came down to one half predictability and one half unexpected craziness. The Cologne Express found their way to the finals with a chance to repeat, getting past the Davos Dynamo in the first round and then taking down the Stockholm Vikings, who had made a late season takeover of first place.


The surprising team was the Seattle Bears, who probably no one expected to make it. They swept the Legion and then took down the Meute in just five games to find their way into the finals.


The series started off about as you'd expect, with Cologne taking the first game 2-1. The Bears managed to even up the series in game two, although they perhaps were outplayed in that game. 


From there it went back to what seemed like normal. Cologne dominated the Bears in game three in shutout faction and it looked like that might be the sign of things to come, especially when Cologne put down the Bears in game four for a 3-1 lead. 


The doubt crept into almost everyone concerning the Bears chances and the Express looked poised to repeat as champions. Another shutout was in the cards for game five, only this time it was the Seattle squad who pulled it off. Game six was also in a somewhat convincing fashion, a 3-1 victory for the Bears to bring it back to even and force a game seven.


By the time game seven rolled around, anything was possible. The Bears started it off with a powerplay goal from Brady Stropko, but were quickly answered by Bismarck Koenig on Cologne's own powerplay. In the second period a third powerplay goal was scored, this time by Ron World Peace for the Express. Borje Samuelsson answered back before the end of the period to send it into the third period tied. One last goal would find the net - yet another powerplay goal and yet another goal from Borje Samuelsson, a clutch performance for the youngster that would end up being the game winning and series winning goal! The Bears took down the Express in seven games!


After a season of turmoil, with an inactive and later fired GM, multiple retirements and some unretirements, and a plethora of questions surrounding the team, the Bears finally did something incredible and came together for a very surprising run and victory. They won't ever be considered the best cup winning team, in fact, maybe even the worst - but to me they will always be a very memorable cup winner. A team that no one gave a fighting chance that stuck with it and hung in there and completed upset after upset to bring home a cup to Seattle, the first since S28.


Player Talk


Brady Stropko had a two goal lead over the most goals scored with 11, followed by Logan Laich, Thomas O'Malley and Bismarck Koenig who all had 9. Koenig led the playoffs in assists with 19, four more than Chris Raymond who was in second. Six players tied with 11 assists for third!


Koenig of course led all centers with 28 points, followed by O'Malley with 17. Christoph Klose led all left wingers with 19, with Faraday's 13 in second among the position. The right wingers were led by Stropko and XXX, with 22 and 18 respectively. 


Logan Laich led the league in something! His 20 points were the most among defenseman, followed by Raymond's 18.


Pablo Escabar was the playoffs' best rookie with 13 points, the only rookie with more than 2 and the only rookie to play more than 5 games.


Mikaelson and Brookside both finished the playoffs with a 0.923% for the best percentages in the playoffs. Mikaelson's 2.08 GAA just very narrowly edged Brookside's 2.09, the two played very similar in their time on the ice in the postseason.


Trivia Talk
Answer these questions by sending a PM to me. Also, do not post your answers in public. Lastly, all answers are found within this article, not based on any games posted after this has been posted. For this week, Trivia needs to be sent to me within the week for end of year tallying.
1. Who was the top scoring rookie in the postseason
, according to this article?
2. True/False - the team Bushito currently GMs won the cup?
3. What would Mikaelson and Brookside's combined GAA be?



 Congratulations to the Bears!

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