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Noah's Gif-Heavy 100 Post Party

probably not noah

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Well, it’s been over 5 years since I joined the league, and in that time I have become quite the well-recognized member. But now, with this post I reach the milestone of 100 posts. It’s been a long time coming, but the big 10-0 is here, so I decided to celebrate with a post party. If you’re not in it, you didn’t post in the thread, so that’s your problem. 


Each person has a gif with them. Except Edgar. He has two because he’s special.




Beketov- You’ve been around for a long time and I’ve had respect for you. I think you make some of the sickest graphics in the league. Make me a sig?





Edgar- You’re a slut. Let’s get drunk this weekend.






Anderson- You’re kind of like Sasquatch. It’s weird to see you when you decide to actually exist in reality instead of just VHL myth.





Squinty- Fuck you Squinty, you’re my arch nemesis. I have vast amounts of hate for you and you are the worst person ever to walk the earth...






Kendrick- You were my GM for a long time and the reason I still love the tits. You’ve received your fair share of flak around the boards throughout history, but I’ve always been a staunch defender of your character. I think you are and always have been a valuable member of the league. Maybe some day you’ll GM me again.






Munk- Dam gurl u fine. Cum 2 my place we make some magik hapen bby. Seriously though, I love you munk, you’re hilarious. We used to have a wicked ass game of draw something going.





8O8- I’ve been on a couple teams with you before and you’re always a chill guy. You constantly give me good feedback on my sigs when you’re grading me, and I really appreciate that. Stay frosty.




Jarby- You should be banned. Also, I made you your first sig, and since then I’ve always thought you were a chill ass guy. You are a constant source of entertainment, but you should add us on facebook. Also, drivecast ftw.





Fresco- You’re a chill ass dude. You’re definitely one of the best media spot writers on the site, I’ve always found your shit a pleasure to read. We should talk more.





Greg- I’ve played for you for a long-ass time. You gave me my love for Da Bears and brought me the cup with Lebedev. You’re awesome. Also you run like a champ.





Victator- You made me a mod which was solid. Also, you joined the league around the same time as me thanks to the same person, so I feel we’ve always shared nostalgia well. Also, you’re a dick. Or something. I dunno I’m in the middle of an ethics class right now so I’m not at my creative pinnacle.





Da Trifecta- You’re a good new member, your activity is really appreciated, especially in the lull following the move. That was awesome.do86hpj.gif



Kesler17. I luv u keslre. ur spelin nd gramer neds sum wurk but u r a realy cool guy. lol. my rspect 4 u grew aftr i wuz on e tem wit u. lol. i thnk wen u grw up ull be a rly good mbmer 4 the vhl. lol.





Ball- My god Ball, our first career trajectories were so similar. I always felt you were like my evil twin or something, another new, quiet member with a hard-hitting defenseman. Those were the golden days. You don’t get how psyched I was when you came back, especially now that you’re on my team. It’s ballsly awesome.





+Minus- I love your username for one, I’ve always thought it was sick. Also, you’re always a positive person to have around the boards. I haven’t talked to you enough to make a huge judgement of character, but you seem really cool.  






Doomsday- First of all, every time I read your name I think of this:




Secondly, you’re absolutely hilarious. You’re wearing my sage wizard sig, which means that I love you. You should really keep being awesome. And keep making me laugh.




Boom- ‘Straya day ya cunt. Fuckin’ grab some VB, get in ma fuckin’ holden. Fucker scratched my fuckin’ holden double yellow line ya prick. Get out me cuntry. Get out me cuntry. Fuckin’ nationalism ya cunt.


Red Team for the win. The fact that we don’t have our own forum yet is a travesty. You’re awesome Boom, and I’ve always thought you were awesome. I wanna come to ‘Straya and get drunk with you.





Diamond_Ace- You helped facilitate my return to the VHL as my GM, and that was awesome. You’re one of the smartest members on the league, and that’s awesome. I’m a big fan of yours, and you’re one of those members that it’s always seemed to me you’ve been here longer than you actually were



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