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Claimed:VHLM Goal Leaders [Final 6/6]


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VHLM Top Goal Scorers

1. LeAndre St. Pierre (OTT) – 18

St. Pierre has been on a tear through the first 14 games of the season, registering 18 goals on 123 shots on goal. He has been getting himself into position to score on almost every shift, peppering each goaltender he faces with numerous shots. Averaging almost 9 shots per game, St. Pierre is on pace for some legendary stats and should be able to continue his outrageous goal scoring pace all the way into the playoffs.


2. Travis Willcox (OTT) – 13

Willcox is currently in second place with 13 goals on the year, despite taking only 69 shots thus far. He has been ultra-efficient on the Lynx’s top line by cleaning up a lot of the shots St. Pierre has been throwing on net. He is a smart player who gets to the tough areas and uses his veteran experience to be in the right place at the right time. It will be interesting to see if he maintains his spot in the top five throughout the season.


3. Markus Muller (BRP) – 12

Muller finds himself in third place with 12 goals, even though he is in second place in total points thus far this season. Muller plays for a Brampton team with a lot of talent and has been the leader of that offense. He also gets a lot of shots on goal, connecting on just under 13 percent of his shots. While he has a long way to go to catch St. Pierre, he definitely has a shot to overtake him for the top goal scorer in the league.


T3. Shawn Muller (MOS) – 12

The other Muller, Shawn, also checks in at number three with 12 goals. Shawn has only taken 65 shots so far, putting him far ahead of St. Pierre and Muller in terms of efficiency. Shawn is one of the most physical forwards in the league, resulting in a lot of chances off takeaways that most players don’t get the luxury of having. Moscow will also be a top three team in the league come playoff time, making his offensive sustainability among one of the best in the league.


T3. Pete Stockton (BRP) – 12

Also coming in third place is Pete Stockton. Pete has the talent to be the top goal scorer in the league, but he plays on a top line with two other studs who take away from some of his production. He does get his shots in, recording 107 so far this season – good enough for second in the league. While his 11.2 shooting percentage does leave a lot to be desired, Stockton should start cashing in more often on his opportunities in the near future.


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Content 3/3 It felt a lot shorter than it was, maybe because of all of the pictures, but it was a good piece and made good use of numbers. Also, it had Stockton, which is worth 3 points by itself.

Grammar 2/2 Looks good on my end

Appearance 1/1

Total 6/6

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