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Zamora Begins Season As An Unknown


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Zamora Begins Season As An Unknown


About a quarter of the way through a brand new season, veteran Felix Zamora has played alongside some of the best players in the Victory Hockey League.  What has he to show for it?  "17 points.  Not exactly what I have come to expect, especially after my season in Calgary last year," Zamora explained to the media.  In a much similar build with the Wranglers last year, Felix tallied a career-high 96 points, four short of the century mark.  "That team was 100% offense, all the time.  We scored, then scored again, and scored some more," Felix told reporters.  "Here in Quebec, things are a little bit different.  We are very well-balanced across the board.  There are lesser 5-1 wins, but more 3-2 or 2-1 wins.  I think down the road that will pay a lot of dividends.  We'll arrive in the playoffs with the close-game experience most teams don't get."  


Felix has given the public his now well-rehearsed "defensive" mindset many times, but is it really working?  He does not trump any single statistical category on the team, let alone the North American Conference.  "Just trying to find my niche, I guess, Zamora finished.  "I'm sure by the end of the year you will be seeing a much different player!"

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