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Claimed: simple stuff. [2/2]


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Its pretty sweet how color and b&w cabln be mixed in a render. I haven't figured out how to do that yet working on a phone.

The player has good detail, nice contrast and effective lighting to his face/helmet.

Lettering wise, its bright and bold layered on to the guy. I think the "25" is out of place though behind his name. Idk, maybe pushed to the left more so we could see the 5 better.

Colour of his jersey looks great along with the b&w theme.

To me the top left BG looks kind've awkward, maybe just a solid color like the lower BG would be more appealing.

Pretty hot looking SIG!

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Love how simple this sig is, I always like it when sig makers make the render's face black n white and leave the render's jersey to pop out, here I think it looks good. I'm a fan of the text/font especially the number underneath the rest of the text. One thing I would have done differently is to crop some pixels off the top and bottom of this sig and also added a lens flare here and there and a light source by the renders visor. 

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