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Claimed: One does one Photoshop again? [2/2]


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15 minutes ago, boubabi said:


I should tbh, haven’t done any photoshop work in so long that it wasn’t worth finding new ones.

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you can also go on zimbio.com and search for a precise player and just cut the render on your sig canvas, which is pretty quick. At least, that's my lazy way to get "fresh" renders.

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as for a clear review, not quite sure what yo uwent for the text. The font itself is okay, but not quite sure about the box, as Idon't see how it adds to the general look/theme of the sig. It may helps the contrast, yes, but it stands out too much in my opinion. The blur ends too quickly, and it doesn't make a photo realistic sense to the eyes. The different tint of blues are also not my favorite. I think the background would have looked better in the same navy blue or some sort of white. Lighting is good and it matches the standard lighting the render had.

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Starting with the BG, I like the right side more than the left. The color and the fact that you have a transparent render of a goalie gives it a nice look. The left side I would've rather seen the same shade as the other side for uniformity.

Your lighting technique on the right side reflects nicely onto the goalie but it seems a little too intense. Maybe a softer approach would make it more aesthetically pleasing.

I actually like the font style and white border but I would've positioned it more to the right and finished the border around the text. But yeah, I see what you n Boub are saying about it..it doesn't seem to fit.

The left side blur looks outta place, just like the false tooth I have in my front chicklets due to getting a puck in the yapper.

The colors are bold and contrasting from each other but I think a bit more sharpness would make it all pop more.

A decent looking render Bek.!

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