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I'm coming home


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Some might see that and laugh - another diamond_ace player going to Calgary. I mean I've spent 90% of my VHL life with that team, you'd think somewhere in there I'd have ended up elsewhere for more time than I have, especially considering two of my players went into the draft like normal people just to end up getting drafted back to Calgary (Kerkko Hyvarinen, and now my current player, Evan R. Lawson). You'd think somewhere along the way, I'd get tired of it, want to explore the VHL world. In short: no. I'm happy with Calgary, always have always will, much in the way that after a vacation there comes a time when you're just happy to be back home. Not only that, but I'm drafted to Calgary while GMing Ottawa. S20, anyone? So while history is repeating itself again, I'm content with that, I'll find my old comfy corner in the back of the Calgary dressing room that got me through dozens of seasons and return to where I belong. I'll embrace Calgary like a long lost friend, because that's kind of what it is. Calgary has been good to me, I've been good to it (some may disagree), and ultimately it's just something that happens. There must always be a diamond_ace in Calgary.

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