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AutoGraph: Note From The Editor [1/2]


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Welcome to my baby. I’ve had many babies in this league. New York and Vegas. My many interesting players and their stories (one was born in space for fucks sake) and yes my controversies. All of which have led me to this moment. This point in my VHL career. The latter half of it. I am on my way out. I don’t exactly when that will be but some days it feels like these players are my last two. But I may have another in me. We will see.


Depending on how long I have left in me I want to make it as enjoyable as I possibly can. Enter “Autograph” my new baby and I think in the very end when my VHL career is all said and done it maybe one of the things I will be remembered for. Why? Well it’s simple. I am going to blow away the league with this new look mag type thing. Every expectation you have please throw it away like the two dollar hooker you had last night.


Autograph is simply nothing you have ever seen before. Sure you have been on sites and read articles. But you have not seen it like this. You have not had it so in your face and rammed down your throat. To the point where you want to puke. But not in a bad way. I want people to pay attention. Talk about Autograph. Good or bad. I really don’t care. As long as people are reading and talking about it then I am doing my job. You want to read about your player? READ AUTOGRAPH. You want to read opinionated articles that will attack other teams and players for poor decisions and such? READ AUTOGRAPH. You want to see how long I last as Editor? READ AUTOGRAPH! It’s that simple.


It’s only fitting that I Robbie Zimmers get the first Autograph post/article. I mean why the hell not? People need to be told what Autograph is all about. Who better than the creator? Seriously. I am about to blow your mind each and every week. Like it or not but I am will be killing it points wise thanks to this Autograph. Now don’t think that is why I am doing it. I’ve never been about the points. I really couldn’t care any less about them. I rather have people talking about Autograph. The way I can get people talking is by writing for my own so called “mag”


I truly believe that this will be the best edition of the “mag” the league has ever seen. Portal or not. I would have succeeded even if it was a pamphlet delivered by carrier pigeon. It is and will be that amazing. Oh and by the way with the posting of this article the job search for writers ends. I will no longer ask for any. You missed out. Tough luck… well after my search for a VHLM writer ends. Which won’t be long.








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