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boubabi's Entrevue


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3 hours ago, Bring Back Chat said:

1) What line should Wayne Simmonds be playing on?

2) How much did you pay blue team to unban you?

3) What does it that be are on at?

1)He would play on my 2nd line. Has enough offensive tool for that.

2) None. But I've heard you cried my lost so thank you

3. Me no comprendo 

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50 minutes ago, Bring Back Chat said:

This league without boubabi is like chex mix without the stupid brown dry crunchy pieces that no one eats

The mini breads? Otherwise known as the best part of chex mix

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Also, you're the only person I've ever seen not to like those - there have been multiple occasions where I've bought chex mix and people have taken those first and I'm stuck with basically a bag of pretzels

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12 hours ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

did you enjoy being banned?

you seemed to tone it down since the ban why is that?

how about those fuckin Montreal Canadiens eh?

Thoughts on the new portal??

1 ) yes. The whole week I was doing creative shit instead of wasting my fucking time here. But hey, here I am.

2 ) No I haven't. Either there's less opportunity for me to go on a rampage, or other people became less of a pussy. However, my 24h ban from an obvious sarcastic joke about asians doesn't let me think that the league has became less of a pussy.

3 ) Meh. With Michel Therrien we performed well during the season and under perform during the playoff, which cause the team's development to stall for a bit. Now, it's an opportunity to clean the house and give to chance to the Juulsen/Scherbak and cie, which is great.

4) Best thing the commish (will) did in a long time. It raises the league quality and that's a step forward in the good direction

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  • 9 months later...

1. Trump and Trudeau have been summoned to fight to the death. Who wins and what's their weapon of choice? Please make me laugh.

2. What stinks when living and smells good when dead? (riddle time, baby)

3. What is your favourite sport? Who is your favourite team? 

4. Fuck one, kill one, marry one - GO! (Blake Lively, Beyonce, Margot Robbie). Google, em.

5. If you could invent something right now, what would your beautiful inventions be?




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