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Bratislava Watchmen GM Change


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As, expected my days as a VHLM GM are over. 


The Bratislava Watchmen came into the VHLM world as an Expansion team with the Yukon Rush. Since then we've won two Founder's Cups and have one of the best group of alumni's bother first-gen and recreates out of the minor league. 


As a VHLM GM you really depend on so many different members. If you're successful in your job, it usually means you are losing players - for that I'm grateful for each guy who came through the system.


Anatoli Zhumbayev

Niklas Lindberg

Davey Jones

Thomas Landry

Eggly Bagelface

Willem Janssen

Doug Clifford

Martin Brookside

Slaeter Fjorsstrom

Tommy Slaughter

Logan Laich

Andrey Zadorov

Phil Villeneuve

David Januzaj

Cody Inko

Jamie Shetler

Kai Randall

Kez Kincaid


I wanna thank all of you guys for not only contributing to the Watchmen whether it be LR posts, game thread posts, or through point tasks. You guys are a great alumni group and have always represented this VHLM Franchise to its fullest. 


With that being said, my replacement will be the current Bratislava Watchmen co-GM, Seth. Seth is a very promising member of this forum, who shares a lot of the same VHLM philosophies that I had when I was first given this opportunity. I am very proud to make this announcement, and fully believe Seth will be able to continue the Watchmen legacy. 





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Obviously I am filling large shoes, as VHLM GM's don't preform better than STZ has. I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity, and I hope to install the very same philosophies, and success the Watchmen have become accustomed to. The team will never be the same without you at the helm, but I will certainly give it my very best effort.

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To this day I am proud to be an alum of Bratislava and it's great to see that the Watchmen will remain in great hands. Best of luck to both of you in your respective roles!

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