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The Flashabckian tragedy


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The Flashbackian tragedy

    Two warriors stand out in the middle of a lake. They are inseparable, having been together since before they could walk. Forged in the fires of combat, their bond is stronger than the toughest steel. The world may not know their names, but to them it doesn’t matter. They have each other, and that is all they need.

    All is calm, not another person in site. Seeing that there are no threats, the two began to relax. One pulls out his waterskin, and begins to take a drink. Suddenly, something reaches out of the water and grabs him by the neck. He is stabbed repeatedly by the unseen assailant. His comrade rushes to protect him, but he is too late. The attacker has fled, vanishing without a trace. Racing back to his fallen friend, the soldier tries to assess the damage. It is clear that hi comrade is fading fast. It is clear that there is only one person who can save him. The fabled healer @BladeMaiden is their only hope. 

    Cradling his friend in his arms, he marches on to where he can only pray he finds the healer. The warrior tries to tell his friend that he is going to be alright, but both of them know it is a lie. As the soldier continues, he tries to remain strong. He knows he needs to stay firm for his friend. But despite his best efforts, a few tears escape. 

            They arrive at the healers place. He sets his injured friend down, both knowing this may be the last time they see each other’s face. The fallen man grabs his comrade’s hand, one last act of solidarity before he goes unconscious. The remaining soldier cry’s out to the healer “Please! Can you save him? I will give anything, even my life for you to bring him back.”

@BladeMaiden responds “Fang, quit being so dramatic over your rubber ducky”


This is the events of the  Reapers party through Fang Flashbacks eyes

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