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  1. Bring back Smarch his system, or lottery like we had in the magazine.
  2. Did other camera's catch it on tape by the way, would be a nice way for you to go viral.
  3. G - Ismond Kingfisher @Jayrad28
  4. @ItsMcLovin 2 picks for you, on the clock for 12 hours
  5. League numbers went down , we needed player two's to fill the league.. So decision was made to get back to 8. Stockholms full roster moved to Calgary (alongside Bushito as GM) And it was bye bye
  6. @Bushito Think you need to jump in here to make some replacement picks.
  7. @ItsMcLovin you can also make up your missed pick. @Spade18 your turn, you can pick 4 players (2 missed ones, 2 from your current back to back)
  8. D - Vaydar Odinsson @Jayrad28 you can pick twice again
  9. Guess @Smarch is up. 12 hours have passed
  10. Happy mothers day Phil
  11. @ItsMcLovin feel free to pick. @Spade18 is skipped