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  1. No deaths yet in the VHLM. Condor Adrienne is confused on what is happening in this sport, as many regard hockey as one of the dirtiest sports on Earth, but with the season being 18 games old, we have yet to see the first person die. The same happened when he joined late last season, so he feels like it’s almost a season without any deaths. In the Galactic Football League we are used to having a casualty probably every week, so it is weird to see nothing has happened here. We do see some players retiring, but it mostly is before they are on a team and before they have played a game, so they might just be scared of being hit. But no casualties? This is really shocking. But it’s not only that, there aren’t any loss of fingers or limbs, I haven’t even heard about people losing their teeth, I don’t know what kind of sport this is, but it’s really soft compared to what I’m used to. Condor really wonders why this is the sport they wanted him to play to become a better quarter back for OS1 Orbiting Death, as how it stands now, this is one of the softest sports in the entire galaxy, should have played Dinolition instead….
  2. 2-What is your on ice personality (are you a leader, calm, feisty, the penalty baiter?) Focussed and calm, waiting for every opportunity to claim advantage for the team 3-Do you show up to every practice, and are you on time? I show up first and leave as last. I won't let an opportunity to get better slip. 4-Best friend on the team? Sigard Gunnar always comes in running and hugging after me. Got to love him! 5-How do you think the season is going now that we are a few games in? We're not on top, but we are playing great so far. It's all about the process. 6-How do you feel about being in 2nd place? It's a playoff spot so we are definitly fine. 7-The Reapers are known for being a team that works hard until they accomplish their goals, do you think you fit that persona? Yes and no, as I feel being on the Reapers it is more about team goals. If I wanted personal success and higher stats, I would be better off with a less deep team.
  3. Closer then the other ones, so bonus point for you guys for that
  4. Sorry @Sixersfan549 this one is ours
  5. @Big Mac you definitly want to see this one
  6. Green

    VHL GM Opening

    We basically never even had agm's before
  7. I still belief your the safer selection CIA, lets see what happens
  8. Green

    VHL GM Opening

    I cant believe i made you a player thing for Selachii filthy badger