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Season 38 Entry Draft Rankings 3 New Members


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 Today we are going to look at three new players/members first generation players poised to break into the VHL elite or become an asterisk in our long history.




D – Don Draper – Draper
Draper joined the league in early March and has already passed the 60 TPE barrier (over 80 in the next update).  To be successful in the VHL you must at its core create a player and earn TPE.  That is the simplest form of actually being part of the VHL make a player and then try to make him better.  To really succeed in the VHL and take advantage of all the opportunities available you must become part of the larger community that is VHL.


Draper is taking every opportunity to succeed in the VHL which includes fantasy zone, FREE TPE Announcement, VHLM Practice Facility, and so on.  Much more than just getting the TPE Draper is active in the other parts of the league Walking Dead Thread,  Happy/Mad Thread, and Video Game Thread are all examples of where he has posted.  The final step to becoming a true VHLer is getting a job yet another thing Draper is trying to do.  He is definitely on his way to becoming not only a great player but a great member.


Member Comparison – STZ/Green hit the league on all cylinders and hasn’t turned back since.




F - Percy Miller – Coach D
Coach D joined at the end of February he is a great example of a new member.  It is that new car smell type of thing he has tons of energy and radiates enthusiasm.  Sometimes that can be misplaced and the drive to get started caused a minor controversy over a misunderstanding.   Basically a new member joining during a down time and unable to get all the answers immediately to all the questions a new member has.


He has nearly 100 posts already and can be found in numerous off-topic threads and attempting to claim all the free/easy TPE he can.  It looks like he could be one of the new age welfare players who doesn’t always do a graphic or media spot.  However if he continues to grow as part of the community and the community embraces him we might have a new member.


Member Comparison  - EaglesFan he is potentially a fence active member that just needs to be guided.


F – Kristoffer Ruud – ByrdeMan
Joining at the beginning of March ByrdeMan initially looked like a mid-first round draft prospect.  He did VHLM Practice, a media spot, and even his Rookie Profile something that many first gens push back till they are more into the league.  The problem is he only has 13 forum posts and hasn’t logged in for two weeks.  This is the opposite effect of what we saw with Coach D above.  A new member who is full steam ahead then suddenly disappears.


Having shown potential effort and ability as a VHL member this is someone we should try to get back.  If anyone knows him from somewhere we should be attempting to keep him as part of our community and see if we can’t help him in some way.  Why start out so strong then completely disappear?


Member Comparison – Not quite accurate but Al Wilson blasted out of the gates to a first overall selection only to completely disappear.



Stay tuned next week as we start to dig deeper into the draft.  We'll be well over 1/2 through the season maybe our 1st mock draft?

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