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Eller Noticing Change in VHLM


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Yukon Rush centerman Frans Eller spoke with the media today after their contest against the Mexico City Kings.


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“Frans, Jim Matthews from TSN. Great game out there today. It was a great win for the Yukon squad. You guys outshot the Kings 34 to 9, and you guys dominated them on the scoreboard. How did it feel out there?”


“Yeah, I am real proud of the guys. The game began as a tight contest, but we really got it going in the second half of the first period. Stansson Jr. got us started, and we didn’t look back after that.”


“Absolutely. Your team has been right on the precipice of being one of the top tier teams, but seem to take a step back right when you’re ready to announce your arrival as a legitimate contender. Why is that?”


“If this league was easy, everyone would be on top of the standings. There has to be a top dog, and with the Reapers’ lethal offense, they deserve to be where they’re at in the league. They’re an awesome team. One thing they don’t do that we do here in Yukon, is play a defensive system that smothers their opposition. Sure, they’ve scored something like 50 more goals than us, but we have allowed the least amount of goals in the league, and it’s not an insignificant amount less that the 2nd placed team in that category. Our coaching staff and management squad, @Josh and @cody73 have done an awesome job putting a system in place that is putting us in a position to make some noise out there and in the postseason. I’m very proud of our guys, and we have a lot of work still to go.”


“Well said, Frans. You yourself had a two goal game – tell me about those goals.”


Frans shifted slightly, and his eyebrow dropped a bit as he attempted to recall the goals.


“Yeah, they were really just a result of my teammates putting me in a position to succeed. The first one was a great play up the boards by Srraxxarrakex, and as a side note, do you know how long it’s taken me to learn this guy’s name? All jokes aside, Draven did what Draven does, and fired it cross seam, and sauced it above the defenders stick. I just had to have my stick in the right place, and it found the net. Great work by the boys. My last goal was a transition goal where Girth found me in stride. I was able to split the defenders and open up Conklin. I’m just happy it went in.” @Jbeezy76


“Frans, your game seems to be coming alive lately. What are you seeing that’s different?”


“I don’t think anything is particularly different, Jim, but I do think that the game seems to be slowing down for me. I’m able to take a bit more time with the puck to evaluate my options, and I think that may just be me acclimating to the skill level of this league. Maybe the VHL teams will come calling and I’ll be ready for a faster pace of play next season, but for now, I’m focused on winning with the Yukon Rush.”


“It’s been a pleasure Frans, best of luck with the remainder of your season.”


“Thank you.”

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@Ace Fantastic article Frans! Great stuff! We definitely play a defensive style. With us being so stingy I see us playing close games in every game. Let’s go win this. ?

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