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Thoughts from the backup


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    Signing with Ottawa was a big decision for me.  I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of playing time.  I knew they already had a starting goalie.  I had no idea how this league worked.  I also knew I liked the GM.  Ottawa had finished runners up so I was going to be in a good situation.  There wasn’t a lot of pressure.  If I didn’t get to play a lot, fine.  I could take it slow.  That’s not exactly how it turned out.

     There’s talk of me being drafted.   I’ve only played 10 games.  I mean, I know I am top 10 in save percentage and GAA but 10 games?  I’ve barely played enough to get a nick on my stick and I’m rumored to go pro? I really planned on being a backup this year, starting in the minors next season then going to the big time. This is certainly a weird league.

Ottawa is killing it though.  We’re a machine right now.  We lose the odd one every now and then but it seems like we went from hanging around 3rd place to being a buzz saw threatening 1st.  Everybody is contributing.  Our defense has stood up great, our goaltending is spectacular.  I’ve got no animosity for Raymond, he’s a great guy, and if we both succeed the team succeeds. This team has no role players.  Everyone can do everything.  Beau Bennet has turned things around on D.  Aamon has been rock solid all year despite everyone getting accolades.  Finnegan has been on a mission since getting traded.  This is one crazy ride in a crazy league and I love every second, especially getting to sit back and watch it blossom from the pine. 



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