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New Beginning


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Hard work and intestinal fortitude is a trait that isn't found in every hockey player, only a handful at best. Guy LeGrande possesses those traits and by all standards, should drive him into a successful career.


Being a rookie isn't easy in this league. Ice time is limited and you have to have a good showing every time you are on the ice. Guy has tried to make the best of his time and has had some success. With the luxury of high skilled team mates, Guy was pushing to be better and learn from his peers. There is a lot to learn in the VHL and his team mates were helping him all the time. With that said, there was an itch that wasn't getting scratched.


Guy LeGrande looked at his situation and made a bold move. He asked his GM for a trade. Something he would have never thought about at the beginning of the season. It came down to the desire to play. Davos is a class act and that will not change. Guy LeGrande is now on a team where ice time should not be an issue. Guy is looking forward to playing on his new team, New York Americans.

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