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Unban Boubabi[?]

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I really needed to make some clickbait ass article name for everyone to check it, isn't it? However, this is indeed about to be about Boubs.


Since S60's, the VHL was growing up with taking a lot of new members. The activity is booming and things are looking bright. Even some old-schools members are trying to give it another shot cause the league is more fun. So it wasn't such a big ass surprise when another prominent member was contemplating to make a recreate. Aka Higgins. I mean, nothing is very unusual here, eh? Well, except for one thing. I assume you all already know under which condition he could make another player. I'm not sure if he's just trolling just because or he is really interested bring back his duo with Boubs. Probably more serious than trolling considering that he had a nice time in S50's Helsinki with the Angry Frenchman of the VHL being of the main reasons.


Ok, so my opinion on this?


1. Moreso, my opinion on boubabi himself? Not sure, to be honest. Kind of indifferent, I guess. We were poking fun of each other players at some point, but I can't say I had much interraction with him to have a strong feeling on him. I know he was a center of attention in the late stage of his ''VHL career'', but none of them happened involving me. If I recall correctly, majority of conflicts were based on sim related things. His team or his player's performance. Or the award thing, like that S59 Slobo(?) thread. I never saw or just don't remember his debacle with Bana, but I guess he indeed crossed the line there. Which prolly was still less harmful than the reason why Andersson was banned once again, but yeah. Talking shit to a man who lost a family member is meh thing to do. Then he had a long fight with Bek. I also have no idea where did his long-time rivaly with Kendrick began, I just know it started to happen in mid S40's or so.


So I don't know what am I typing. But as I said, I'm really neutral on him if we're just talking about me. But there is no surprise that some other members would not be happy if he gets unbanned cause they had more tense convo(s) with him. And he prolly was a nuisance to members. Not for me. But yeah, can't be mad at these members either.


2. Could he change his behaviour if he gets unbanned? Say what you want, but I don't believe a person can change his long time behaviour in one year. It's possible, but unlikely. So I would expect more controversy once there is a thing he doesn't agrees with majority. Or his player becomes good, but getting somewhat snUubbed. I really don't believe he could do 180. Unless he already has another acc and has a player. And he manages to lay low so far which could be very impressive lol.



TL;DR: I'm very neutral on this guy. Not gonna be upset if he gets unbanned. However, if this causes more problems (like members going away or too much controversies) - yeah, that would suck. And I assume more members are not big on Boubs so yeah. rip Higgins recreate.


That's it and I'm out.


6 TPE goes to Randoms

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