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Expansion Expansion...Woo?

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So it's time, it's really happening, by now just about everyone and their mothers in the VHL knows that the secret is out, and we are in fact expanding in the VHL. Now, if you've been around and actually paying attention than this doesn't really come as a secret but to those that maybe were under a rock or admiring @Beaviss big arms on Discord 24/7, then you were likely very shocked by this. So what do I think? Do I think it makes sense? Do I think the GM's are good? Let's talk about that. 


First and foremost, from what I was told, the amount of applications were enormous, and this is actually a very good thing, because when I was here years ago, as some of you may know, it was kind of hard to say the least to get a GM in the VHL, some people literally had to go FIND their replacement instead of having people apply, so this was very unusual but now seems to be the "norm" around here. 


As for who was selected, I've been around @diamond_ace for a long, long time. He was actually one of the first people I met here and one of the first people to give me any kind of a GM job way back when, when I helped him with the Ice Dogs, so do I think he'll be good? Hell yeah. He has held very many positions here, he's been through the ringer, he knows what he is doing, and he's going to do an exceptional job. As for @Enorama this one is more of a question mark for me, not because I dislike him, quite the contrary, but because if I am not mistaken, he does not have any prior GM experience, at least that I am aware of without being competent enough to do any real research. That being said, I am in EHM GM' leagues with him and he's very good, so I know his management and activity will lead him to much success. 


Finally, for team predictions, my bold prediction because D_A and I talked about this all the time is that he's heading to Prague, couldn't be assed to tell you the team name but look out for him to select Prague as the location if he got to choose. With Eno, I just do not know him enough to know his preference of places, but assuming he'll have to join the other conference, we could either be looking at a Canadian team since Quebec got axed, or we could be seeing a more popular North American city such as Las Vegas or maybe even Denver as they are two huge markets. 

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