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Expansions based on bad grammar

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The other day, @GustavMattias and I were talking about the possibility of placing a team in the current location of what used to be the great ancient city of Ur. Now, that location is Tell El-Muqayyar in Iraq, and so the Tell El-Muqayyar Temples were born. This was an entire team concept based solely around the fact that no one can be bothered to spell out a four letter word, your. Gus and I had a good laugh about it, but now it's about to get me more TPE. Let's come up with a few more team names based on bad grammar, shall we? (Also tagging @Renomitsu because anything Gus is tagged in, Reno ought to be tagged in)


Dover Defiant


This team is based off the word "defiantly" which is more commonly used in place of "definitely" than it is used in its proper context. Spotting the rare defiantly in its natural habitat has become something of a Loch Ness Monster sort of thing, and if you claim to have seen one, people would be forgiven for thinking you were either mistaken or lying. I've decided to base them in Dover, because it just feels like more of an insult to the English language if the team is in England.


Paranaque Pacific 


This team is based on the use of "pacifically" to mean specifically. No one really knows where this usage started, but at least unlike "defiantly" it doesn't use another actual word. Even spell check agrees with me, as I had to take an extra step for my phone not to change it to specifically. As for the location, there are a lot of places bordering the Pacific, but fewer inside of it, so I went with the Philippines here because their people are called Filipino, and the fact that it changes from Ph to F feels like it should be grammatically incorrect even though it's correct. 


So theiyr're you have it: teams that I could theoretically expand to, based solely around grammatical errors. I don't know how many words this is since I'm on my phone, but if it's too short, I'll add a team when I get home.

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