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Wolves Den


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Vancouver, BC, Canada


In the wolves den, all is quiet as they await their opponent in the finals. Captain and Alpha Wolf, @InstantRockstar, is keeping his pack calm before the storm. A member of the media, former member now, was sneaking around in the locker room and overheard the Alpha: “GAY PORN HARD!” No one knows what the Captain’s intentions are. Some say it’s his grueling lifelong addiction to kinky pornography. Others, well they say he is just trying to fire the boys up. We won’t speak of the third possibility that cums to mind.


Nevertheless, the Wolves have a tough road ahead. Their second cup final in as many seasons and possibly a rematch against last year’s cup champs, Hellastinky. The GM of the Wolves, @Beaviss, isn’t keeping his hopes up: “I’m expecting a loss so then I’m not sad.” This is no surprise coming from the Wolves’ GM as he has expressed his deeply depressed state before – as well as his gay porn addiction.


Only time will tell.


Word Count: 169

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