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Dalton Wilcox Season Reflections and Offseason Plan [1/2]

Dalton Wilcox

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Dalton Wilcox Season Reflections Offseason Plan

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Q: Now that you’ve had a few weeks off and had a chance to decompress after the VHLM playoffs, how do you feel your season with the Houston Bulls went?

A:  Obviously it sucks to have been eliminated so early in the playoffs, but overall I’m happy with my season.  I ended up as one of the top 5 goal scorers in the VHLM and was in the goal scoring and points race the whole season.  A lot of credit goes to @FrostBeard who really put me into a position to succeed and to my teammates who were really supportive of me the whole season.


Q:  Was there anything you could have done differently in the playoffs?

A:  I don’t think so.  We were dominated in all facets of the game.  Maybe some lines had to be tinkered and some strategies had to be adjusted, but I don’t think it really would have made a difference.  We were just unprepared.


Q:  How have you been spending the last few weeks after the playoffs ended? Have you been following the VHL/VHLM playoffs?

A:  To be honest, I was in a pretty bad place for short period of time.  I had extremely high hopes for the playoffs and was pretty sure we were in contention for the championship.  The quik exit led me back to the bottle.  A lot of hours were spent in bars and in places I can’t mention in a family friendly interview.  Luckily @Elmebeck was around and was able to pick me up whenever I was feeling down.  He ended up being one of my closest teammates on the team and we’ve had some fun times during and after the season. I look forward to seeing him drafted into the VHL and hopefully we can end up on the same team (even though he hates Malmo).


Q:  What is your offseason looking like?

A:  So yeah, I’ve returned to the family farm just to help out a bit.  I’ve been away from them all season so it’s cool to see how the animals and crops have grown, and just how things changed over the last few months.  I plan on helping out there for a few weeks before getting back into training.


Q:  What is your offseason training plan?  Any specific areas of focus?

A:  Luckily I have a homemade gym at the family ranch so I do plan on spending a lot of time in there.  One can always get bigger, faster and stronger so I’ll be working on a lot of powerlifting and HIIT.  The plan is to work on explosiveness, speed and to be able to get stronger.  I lost a lot of board battles this year so the plan is to get bigger in order to fend off the bigger and faster dmen in the VHL.


As far as skills go, I’ve actually contacted famous skills coach and NHL hall of famer Adam Oates for some one on one training.  He’s one of the best playmakers the game has ever seen, and that’s one part of my game I really need to wok on.  I look forward to learning a lot from him as I make the jump to the VHL.


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