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A Red Guy ranks VHL destinations, Part 2


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I wrote this whole thing last week and then forgot to save the note in my phone so I have to re-write this portion. RIP.

6: Helsinki Titans

Helsinki has an elite goalie in Alexander Pepper, but Pepper's a year older than the Wahl-Kriketers-Davison-Rift class so he'll be entering regression this season. If the team opts to re-tool to some degree, whether this offseason or maybe next offseason, I could see them pursuing a goalie.

5: Toronto Legion

If I was ranking teams by likelihood of taking me, Toronto would definitely sit at the bottom of the list. The team has no draft picks for eternity and Devise has already stated GM player JB Rift will be the team's long-term goalie. Rift is the final starter of the year-of-the-goalie S64 class, and while he may not be as good as the aforementioned three in his class, Devise knows that it's definitely possible to win a cup without having a dominant netminder. My history with playing under Devise is a big factor in this ranking.

4: Moscow Menace

Moscow has on-again, off-again franchise goalie Owen May, but could look to grab some competition for him. Victor has built a deep young team, but with just an S69 4th as their only pick in the top four rounds in the S69 and S70 drafts, now is the time to be aggressive if he doesn't feel fully comfortable with May in the top spot.

3-2: Expansion Teams

The opportunity to go to a franchise with a clean slate and become their first franchise goalie is very appealing. The only thing that puts these teams slightly below #1 is that they're going to need assets more than any other team, so in using a pick in the top two rounds on a goalie they're building their skater core with a more long-term view.

1: New York Americans

The Americans need a goalie badly, and I have a lot of history with the franchise. The team could rock with Thorvald Gunnarsson, but he hasn't been a steady earner so I could see the franchise push to import competition for him.

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56 minutes ago, diamond_ace said:

Kriketers is in pepper's class, not wahl/rift/davison's class


Whoops. Either way though, with Krik being a GM player they wouldn't be able to sell him off without him retiring so that doesn't impact my ranking for them.

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