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One night in Bangkok


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Whiskey filled the one ounce shot glass in little time, brown in color with flecks of gold, "Fuck Malmö!", Elmebeck raised his glass before he downed it. @Dalton Wilcox laughed.

'It's not that bad,' Wilcox offered.

'The cunts didn't even protect you! What are you talking about? Surely you don't want to stay there, right?'

Wilcox resigned his head towards the bar disk before moving to other thoughts less desparaging, 'You're right-handed, right?', he asked, while trying to fix the salt rim on his glass of 'Margarita'.

'Sure', Elmebeck let out with a cough from the Hong Tong shot he just took. Both sweating from the heat in Bangkok.

'So why do you shoot like a lefty?'

'I don't know, why did Mario? Perhaps because it's better.', he smiled while running his hand over the eye from the effect of the toxic drink.

'So where do you think you will end up? Where will I end up?', the eyes of Wilcox were dead serious.

'I don't know my man, I don't know. I am just so happy if I can avoid Malmö and Davos. I think the expansion teams may have an eye for you, and they should. And I also hope they have an eye for me. Otherwise I want to go to New York.'

'New York are fucking deadbeats, your's better than that! They lost this season like if they tanked it on purpose! You'll have four seasons of rebuild competing with the expansion teams.'

'New York is New York, and New York is god damned amazing.', Elmebeck paused to light a cigarette.

'How do you even get in shape for next season with all that smoking? ...'

'...and drinking that you are partaking in.', Elmebeck added with a wink.

'AND the drinking. But how do you get in shape?'

'I stop eating hamburgers two weeks before the season starts.'

Wilcox chuckled, and continued, 'But seriously, you and I in Prague, wouldn't that be a beautiful thing?'

'It certainly wouldn't be a fuggazzi.'


'Not a fake. Not a bad thing.'

'I know what a fucking fuggazzi is, not just in the weird context you brought it up!', Wilcox pupils dilated a tinge.

Attempting to disarm the situation, Elmebeck offered, 'You want to see a beautiful thing?'


'Here, this is a beautiful thing.', as he wrote on a loose piece of paper.


'That it is.', Wilcox had to admit, 'How would you rate the teams though?'

The evening continued with more thoughts on the upcoming drafts and their future careers. Specifically the implications of two new teams entering the league and what consequences that could have for either of them with the upcoming expansion draft, followed by the regular draft.

The final list made up by Elmebeck in the late hours read like this:

"Prague / New York

Anything really, but preferably Prague or New York


Thereafter they went home to tend their gardens.

Credits to @Tate for the opening line, probably best one in this whole piece.

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