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awards talk...and MVP.


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I was surprised when I saw the tag from Shawn which was telling me that my player or myself as a GM was somehow at least nominated for an award. It appeard that Randoms was literally nominated for the most improved player. He didn't win, but surprising nonetheless. In other news, Riga managed to be mentioned in the award ceremony thanks to McWolf who won two defensive awards. Nice bounce back from him and good for us. We didn't even need to pay a first round pick to acquire him lol. What an investment.


Nothing really was suprising there...except of the MVP award. This is the moment when award commitee went wrong. I'm sorry Vancouver fans, but I just don't see how Palo is MVP. First of all, I'm a bit biased towards my second team which is Moscow. But still, either I have no idea how the most valuable player is being determined or Palo indeed isn't MVP. I mean, the points difference between Palo and Louth (12) is less than between Cast and Randoms (23). But the most important thing - we knew that Vancouver will advance into the playoffs no matter what. Whether with Palo or without him as Louth had another strong season and he really was looking as a legit star. Moscow though? I can't say the same. Randoms was good; after all, his improvement was noted by the award commitee. But there is now way the Menace could've had such a season without Cast. And rather would've had a tough fight with Davos for the playoffs and there is no guarantee that Riga's opponent wouldn't be the latter team. I gotta say, Moscow overachieved a bit with that large ass roster and Cast was one of main reasons why Davos couldn't make the playoffs. Take him out - and the team is left with rather a ''fine, but not spectacular'' tier offense imo.


So yeah, in my books Cast > Palo when it comes to MVP.

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