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BREAKING: Vancouver and Davos Strike Deal


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BREAKING: Vancouver and Davos Strike Deal 



This morning the Vancouver Wolves and HC Davos Dynamo finalized a trade that sent center Aston Martin to Vancouver in exchange for center Gritty. The deal came as a shock to a lot of people around the league, but it is one that seemingly makes sense for both sides. The Davos Dynamo have been building a true contending roster over the past couple seasons and that building is starting to come to fruition in S68 as they appear to be headed for a playoff birth with a mid-season record of 21-14-4. For Davos, the trade is one that helps bolster their scoring depth at center behind John Madden and hopefully the veteran addition of Gritty will provide a much needed jolt to the Dynamo's second line. General Manager Shawn Glade has made it very clear that he wants a cup, so this move will help accelerate that process. The Vancouver Wolves, the defending cup champions, also appear to be destined for another playoff birth with a mid-season record of 22-15-3. The trade for Vancouver makes sense as they are able to get back a forward who is two years younger than the one they traded, but also not sacrificing a massive drop off in offensive capabilities. Here are the player profiles of the two main pieces in this trade:


Aston Martin - Center

Martin was the former 4th overall pick in the Season 67 VHL Entry Draft after having a 100-point season with the Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM. Martin made the Davos roster immediately after being drafted, but has struggled to produce offensively at a high clip in the VHL. He had 15 goals and 23 assists his rookie year in S67 and currently has a disappointing 7 goals and 9 assists through 40 games in S68 while playing on the teams second line with Katie Warren and Bjorn Scoringsson. While his role with the Wolves remains to be seen, a change of scenery may be a good thing for the second year forward. There is still a lot of untapped offensive potential, but it just wasn't showing in his first two seasons in Davos. Martin had a brief media availability after the deal was announced and had nothing but good things to say about his time in Davos. He understands the business side of the game and looks forward to his next opportunity in Vancouver. 


Gritty - Center/Wing 

Coincidentally, Gritty was also a former 4th overall pick in the Season 65 VHL Entry Draft and also a former member of the Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM. Gritty played four seasons in Vancouver while putting up 134 points in 256 games played. Prior to the trade, Gritty was pacing to have his best offensive season in his career in S68 with 34 points in 40 games played and will certainly need to bring that production over to Davos to help them make a strong push towards the playoffs.  His expected role on Davos is to take Aston Martin's former spot and slot in as the second line center in between Katie Warren and Bjorn Scoringsson. Gritty appeared to be blindsided by the trade and was one of the more liked guys in the Wolves locker room, but is ready for his next chapter in Davos. 



In my opinion, there is no clear winner to this trade as you could argue both sides well. The Wolves get younger without a large skill gap and the Dynamo get an improvement on their second line which is something they have been looking for all season. I think this trade will work out well for both sides, but only time will tell. 

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