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Team USA Announcement Incoming


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Hi everyone Steven Brockman back again with another press conference from GM of team USA Mr. Berocka. This is what he has to say


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of this great country. Our talks are being finalised with our roster and we are getting close to our final announcement. We don't want to reveal anything just yet but I knew that you all would like an update on how things are going. 


We have such a big pool of talent that it is extremely hard to narrow down to just one roster. Due to that I would like to offer a formal apology right now to anyone who isn't selected for Team USA and needs to play for the inferior Team World or Team Asia. 


Just know that we as this nation support you and hope that you at least beat the Europeans and the Canadians.


It has also been brought to my attention that in the past 5 WJC Team USA have only won one medal and that was Gold back in S66. I just want the people of this great nation to know that I am here to Make America Great Again At Hockey. I have said it once, I have said it TWICE. MAGAAH!!!


Thank you and have a good night, may all your teams beat the European/Canadian teams in the VHL and VHLM!


Well there you have it folks another inspiring speech from an Australian who really seems to believe he might actually be American.



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