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Finding the Asian within him


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The Philadelphia Reapers player Jacob Perry has recently found out he is of Asian decent and will be competing for Asia in worlds. We interviewed him briefly to get his take on the recent events and he had this to say about his discovery of his decent "It was quite the surprise! I guess i didn't know much about my family's history but if it means i can play more hockey then i'm ecstatic to find out my heritage". We were curious how well he thought team Asia would do since they're not considered much of a hockey country "I think we'll do fine, we have a bunch of great players including my fellow teammate Hiroshi Okada who has been an absolute monster this year point wise". When asked about what he could contribute to the team he had this to say "Well i hope to be a key part in what is hopefully a great team, I've got a lot to give on both ends of the ice  and can be dangerous on the power play". Jacob Perry is very excited to show what he's got and is looking forward to representing team Asia with all he's got.      

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2 minutes ago, Liberty_Cabbage said:

I could have been the ultimate stud muffin for the hounds! 

Or more likely I probably would have traded you for more picks but we don't talk about that cause I still love you

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