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Blades of Steel + Kendrick's Dog


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Who wants to join my dog and I as we do Blades of Steel's 9th Episode.


Also if anyone has questions I will take them as I haven't done that in a very long time.



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How would you describe the locker  room in Riga?


How weird is it to be playing for a team other than Cologne after all you gave to the franchise?


Looking back on your time as the GM of Cologne, is there one move you wish you would have made/wish you wouldn't have made?


As someone who's been around since the beginning, how has the VHL evolved over time?


If you ever felt burnt out of the league, would you consider making a welfare player?

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BTW, (Awful directed at you) this won't be done today. Tomorrow at 3 PM EST (DaTrifecta, that is 12 PM PST, 2 PM CST, 7 AM AEST, 10 PM EEST).

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Joey Kendrick - Calgary

Torsten Schwarz - Riga

Malcolm Kelly - Toronto

Jacob Kjeldsen - Helsinki

Kasey Braun - Seattle, Davos, Toronto

Kam Taylor - Cologne


How does it feel to be a whore?  (Yeah, I know some of these players have spent time with other teams, but I just listed the ones they were known for.  Braun himself was too much a slut to list just one).  Also, I just noticed you managed to avoid being on the three gayest teams in the league (Vasteras, New York, Quebec).  Thoughts?

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