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Why the VHL gave me a mental disorder


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Sometimes I ask myself what it's like to wear a hat to sleep, but of course I don't know the answer. I don't wear hats to sleep! But I did wake up in a hand stand. You might be wondering how much I drank last night. I too cannot answer that. What I can answer, is a question that truthfully has no answer. A question that cannot be answered leaves something to be desired... and to desire something is arguably the most important motivation in human existence. For example, how many goals will I score this upcoming VHLM season? Don't you see? There's so much to be desired. I could score 1 goal or I could score 100 goals. Isn't it great just thinking about it? Now I'm motivated to go do point tasks until my hair is grey and I forget how to spell centense. I've actually just now reached 150 words.


Have a splendid day.


p.s. I like domesticable pets such as dogs and cats...

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Saved you. :)
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